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    Are you sometimes puzzled by why it’s not easier …

    … to find the right people, count on them to bring their A-Game every day, rely on them to play well with others, and keep them happy in the process?  Or, simply put, to get them to think like you do?

    welcome-picWell, you’re not alone.  In fact, if we let Amazon.com do the counting, there are enough people wondering about those very same things to keep nearly 900,000 titles available for sale.   Not to mention the countless courses, workshops, seminars, undergraduate and even post-graduate degrees focused on the subject.  Seems like all of the answers are out there – so why isn’t it easier?

    It’s a combination of having the time to learn them as well as knowing how to apply them.  And all of that shouldn’t be on your shoulders.  It’s like going to a lawyer for legal counsel, your broker for insurance advice, or to your accountant for financial guidance.  HR is a profession and, whether or not you’re at the stage where you want or need HR staff in-house, HR needs can begin from the moment you hire employee #2.

    To help meet some of those needs, we offer services in three areas:  HR Consulting, Interim HR Staffing, and HR Outsourcing.  Contact us for an initial consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you.


    Serving Businesses and Organizations throughout the Greater Boston Area

    Talent Acquisition

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    April - 12 - 2016
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    Employee Relations

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